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Second-Hand for a better Future

One of the core values of Second Future is to create a better future through second-hand clothing.

Many industries have massive negative impact on people's livelihoods, be it due to undignified working conditions or disregard for our planet and its natural ecosystems.

Driven solely by the idea of maximising profits, big corporations ruthlessly dominate the market, with poor quality being one of the tools used to increase the amount of product sold.

In few industries is this as evident as in the textile industry.
Given freedom of choice, our community should rethink production and consumption, thus moving in a more conscious direction.

With our product range of vintage and contemporary second-hand, we want to offer a rare+unique range of clothing, available without supporting questionable corporations and big business.


As a counterpart to capitalist mass-produced goods, it is our claim to offer goods that stand out on the one hand due to their quality, but especially due to their rarity and cultural significance.

In order to be able to do this, we attach great importance to personally selecting every single item and regularly visit Italian dealers. Our range can be roughly summarised under the term 'streetwear', whereby our assortment is constantly growing to offer more styles + sizes.

We hope that our handpicked & timeless assortment will prevail against fast fashion and that you will give some of our clothes a second future.

Insights into our Work

Sourcing Trip to italy

To get our first big stock of clothing we went to Naples, Italy in 2022. This is our travel Movie filmed on Super 8.

Product pictures & Editorial