Era Disticntion

Vintage or Newschool?

Long Story Short

Vintage: 15 Years age & older
Newschool: 15 years & and younger

Long Story Long

Everyone got their own definition of this term, Vintage. It's difficult & subjective to draw a line, but we feel like vintage is everything that triggers nostalgia. Whether it's 90s rave culture, old merch of the tv show you loved as a kid, or early 2K's tribal & ed hardy vibes.

We classify recent products as Newschool. Recent meaning pieces from current collections, but also garments from the 'late 2000s' that we just can't categorise as Vintage .  

With our understanding of fashion we try to date the age of our products as exact as possible. When our estimation lies right on the 15 year edge we consider the style of the garment in order to classify it as either Vintage or Newschool.  


How we grade our products

When grading we are of course considering the age of the garment. Example: A 20 year old piece with a print that has minor cracks would still be classified as ‚Very Good‘, since only slight cracking on prints that old is indeed remarkable. On the other hand if we had the same minor defect for a piece that is only 2 years old it would be classified as ‚Good‘.

Inside our shop you have the option to filter for the different grades.

We don’t intend to sell products with broken functionality! We check every piece multiple times during our process & do our best to describe everything as closely as possible. But we are also human. If you are unsatisfied with your order, please get in touch.

Classification Table

New w/ Tag

  • unworn
  • with original tags

New w/o tag

  • unworn
  • no original tags

Very Good

  • pre-worn
  • not considerable flaws*


  • pre-worn 
  • minor flaws**


  • pre-worn
  • flaws***

* 'not considerable flaws'

could imply:
minimal signs of use
loose threads/pilling

** 'minor flaws' 

could include:
minimal cracking on prints
small stain(s)
small hole(s) < 3mm
missing label(s).

*** 'flaws'

could include:
'minor flaws' and/or:
considerable cracks on prints
holes < 6mm